Ralph Gordon
Contrabass & Violoncello
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Folk music encompasses traditional and contemporary music and has always been a difficult to define genre. It has also been referred to as traditional music and roots music. There are regional and national  forms in all cultures across the world that sometimes have been transmitted only orally.  Often the composers are unknown and the music uncopywrited.  Numerous subcategories exist under this broad genre.  

Ralph is equally comfortable playing for American contemporary folk singers or blues, bluegrass, Scottish, Irish, English and klezmer ensembles. Some of the folk ensembles that Ralph has been, or is currently, associated with include Trapezoid, Fredya and Acoustic Attitude, Magpie, Walt Michael and Company, the Blue Rhythm Boys, Childsplay, Ouros, Bluegrass and Beyond, and Fynesound.  Some of the folk artists that he has accompanied in various projects include Cathy Fink, Marcie Marxer, Hazel Dickens, Debi Smith, Grace Griffith, Al Pettaway, Jonathan Edwards, Holly Near, and John McCutcheon.  
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